Hello everyone! We are the Dams here at Lyndaslilpoos We are all very happy to meet all who come and visit us. Please allow us to introduce ourselves.
Hi My name is Misty I am just 9" tall and 5 lbs I am a little shy but once I get to know you I will give you lots of kiss

Hi My name is Gypsy I am just 9" tall and 6 lbs I am a little shy but once I get to know you I will give you lots of kiss

Hi My name is Ruby Tuesday I am just 8" tall and 4.5 lbs My mom thinks I am beautiful. 
Hello everyone I'm Rehmi I am very out going and full of lots of kiss. I get into a lot of mischief which gets me in trouble but my mommy loves me just the same I am 9" tall and 5.4lbs

Hope to meet you soon. 
Hello My name is Dixie I am a beautiful red I love to cuddle in my Mommy's arms and give lots of kiss. I am 10" tall and 6 lbs.

Thank you 
Hello every my name is Pixie I am 9" tall and 6 lbs I love to run and play with my toys


A Toy Poodle for you

From our house to yours come little bundles of joy with wet noises and curly hair.

It doesn’t take much for them to warm your heart so its hard to pick just one.

Once you do pick one it only takes a deposit of $300.00 to ensure your choice is yours.

With just a little time one can become part of your family but in your case distance isn’t a problem.

We can deliver to you if needed,  or you may pickup the choice is yours If we are delivering your little bundle of joy he/she must be paid at seven weeks unless you are picking up than balance is due at time of pickup.

  There are many ways to pay for their journey including cashiers check, money order, or personal check. 

All Toy Poodles come with a care package to help you welcome one into your home. 

The Toy Poodle and Maltipoos arrives with a genetic health guarantee, AKC paper upon request, worming and shots recommended for their optimum health.

A new boy or girl is waiting for you to love and nurture so email me and come pick one to love.

For our Toy Poodles are born for one person to be their own will you be that person. 

  Thank You  

Lynda A Levine 

H 610-346-7054 C 610-216-0167