Hello everyone! We are the Dams here at Lyndaslilpoos We are all very happy to meet all who come and visit us. Please allow us to introduce ourselves.
Hi My name is Misty I am just 9" tall and 5 lbs I am a little shy but once I get to know you I will give you lots of kiss

Hi My name is Gypsy I am just 9" tall and 6 lbs I am a little shy but once I get to know you I will give you lots of kiss

Hi My name is Ruby Tuesday I am just 8" tall and 4.5 lbs My mom thinks I am beautiful. 
Hello everyone I'm Rehmi I am very out going and full of lots of kiss. I get into a lot of mischief which gets me in trouble but my mommy loves me just the same I am 9" tall and 5.4lbs

Hope to meet you soon. 
Hello My name is Dixie I am a beautiful red I love to cuddle in my Mommy's arms and give lots of kiss. I am 10" tall and 6 lbs.

Thank you 
Hello every my name is Pixie I am 9" tall and 6 lbs I love to run and play with my toys
Hello! My Name is Rosie Lyndaslilpoos as not been the same since I passed away in 2015. My mommy misses me terribly 

When I was looking for a new puppy, I researched local breeders online and found Lynda's Lil Poos. I was immediately drawn to her obvious love and knowledge of the breed. After scheduling a visit to her home and meeting all of her fur-babies, I knew that I definitely found a special breeder. Throughout the entire adoption process, Lynda was always willing to answer my questions and share her vast knowledge. Once our puppy was born and she was old enough, we were able to meet her in person...it also allowed us to see firsthand how Lynda raises her puppies. The love and care she provides to each dog ensures that they develop emotionally and with proper social skills. She really knows her stuff!

Finally, the day came when we could bring our precious Tobie home. Lynda spent the time to discuss what to expect and thoroughly explained everything to us in great detail. She also insisted that we call her (day or night) if we experienced any problems. This gave us total peace of mind knowing that she was available to us. It reinforced that we adopted our puppy from a reputable and professional breeder who truly cares about each and every puppy. Also, our girl came home groomed and with a goodie bag of supplies, which really made the transition a positive one (especially the blankie to sleep with in her crate).

Tobie has only been with us a few days but she has been a welcome addition to our family. She has a great temperament, has adjusted quickly, is great with the grand kids, and is willing and eager to learn. We look forward to many happy years with our new fur-baby! 

With thanks,
Debbie Riley

 Putter has been with me for 7 months and he has been such a delightful addition to our family. He has the most loving calm and friendly personality. I work at a nursing home and have been taking him since he was 5 months. He has brightened the lives of so many residents who hold him like a baby, he is so loving toward them and will lay his head on their shoulder. He loves the affection. He has even snuggled with dying residents. A hospice nurse told me he was made to be a Therapy dog! On top of being friendly he is so smart. He knows when he is at work with me and runs right up to people to offer his friendship. 
I like to walk and he so enjoys our daily walk in town. He is friendly with other dogs and rarely barks at them. 
Thank you so much for raising such a little ball of love. Truly what I needed
Sincerely, Deirdre Bichsel

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Jojo into our home and into our family! Lynda, you did an amazing job raising him over the past 10 weeks. He is healthy, beautiful, well-tempered, and on his way to being trained! Thank you for your love, dedication, honesty, patience, care, and time. You really treat these puppies as your own babies. You are so knowledgeable and clearly want the best for them. I would highly recommend Lynda's Lil Poos as a great choice of breeders
Renee Arp

is our family's most loved addition! She is such a healthy poodle and has an outstanding temperament. Lynda has extensive knowledge in all areas of raising a dog, she is also well versed in explaining things to her clients! Through seeing her her passion for her own dogs you can tell how buying a beautiful puppy from her is the best decision you can make!
Diana Mejia Nino

Just wanted to let you know how Lucy is doing. She has bonded really fast and is very well behaved. She sleeps through the night and is taking quickly to house breaking. She is really smart. She had her first visit to the vet and she was very pleased with her health and stock. She even asked for your contact info. We are very happy with Lucy and just wanted to thank you for your work with her prior to her coming home to us. It is obvious she was loved and cared for from birth.
Mike Murphy
Upper Moreland Police

Rusty is doing fantastic, words can’t explain how we all feel about this wonderful little boy that came into our family in November 2013. Me and my husband were sooo skeptical about getting a dog but I have no regrets at all that we made a wonderful decision to choose Rusty and especially to have gotten our baby from a great and reliable breeder thank you again. He lifts our spirits all the time he is sooo spoiled and sooo loved by everyone who meets him and I can’t even explain how smart he is. We have fallen in love with this little boy.
Love The Calco Family

Lynda, Thank you so much for opening your home to us and sharing your expertise. Rubee is absolutely perfect. The transition to our home was seamless. Rubee has a great temperament and is just precious. Gypsy and JD\'s little girl is truly loved. You have an amazing gift and you have blessed our family. Hugs,
Rubee and family!

Upon receiving our new dog Penny, we were all anxious to begin watching as her personality unfolded. In the first few months we've had her we have fallen head over heels in love with this vivacious poodle! She continues to make us laugh day by day with her curious nature and endless ability to entertain herself with her toys. What makes Penny unlike any other dog is her temperament, she is so calm and peaceful around us and people who are new to her. Her ability to trust others best intentions is something we really admire about Penny. She never snaps, bites or growls because she is too busy licking, sniffing or cuddling. We are forever grateful for Lynda giving us this gift as well the support she provided along the way. Lynda showed us proper grooming techniques, how to effectively discipline, healthy meal portions and suggested near by veterinarians she herself would go to.
Most importantly Penny is now a part of our family, her day to day love makes the spot in our hearts grow infinitely for her.
Dolores, Diana, Angela and Walter Kwacz

My husband and I brought Meli home a month ago and we love her!!! Lynda, thank you so much for the wonderful job you do. We were comfortable the minute we walked into your home. It is obvious you love what you do. You can tell all of your dogs are so happy.
Meli turned 15 weeks last Saturday. She is smart, loving, curious and funny! She is almost housebroken already!
We were hesitant to get Meli and debated the decision for quite a while. Our last toy poodle, Ginger, passed away over 3 years ago. She lived until almost 17 years and the thoughts of going through that loss again is why we were so hesitant. Now we can’t imagine not having Meli in our lives; the joy she brings us is tremendous>
Thank you again. We appreciate the fact that we can always call you(which we have!). And also that you have called us numerous times to check and see how things are going. That means a lot.
We would highly, highly recommend you if you’d ever like to use us as a testimonial. Feel free to give our phone number if anyone would like a referral.
Talk to you soon-
Sharon and Speed

Daisy is so cute and we can't remember what it was like before having her,
she is the sweetest best puppy ever- and so smart! Everyone loves her. When I walk
her people stop their cars to come see her! She is very popular in the neighborhood!
Thank you do much. Hope all is well.

Hi Lynda,
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our little girl. Penny is just the best! We could not have asked for a more well behaved, smart dog. She already has learned to sit and stay, and has only had 1 "accident" in the past week and a half! She loves to play with all of her toys and is has a great appetite too. She is pure sugar and a wonderful study buddy =) Thank you again for everything!!

Lynda Levine has a gift when it comes to breeding puppies. I purchase my puppy, Noah from her in December and from the minute I got him home he was house trained to go on the Pooch Pad. It was wonderful. He never made a mistake. In addition, Noah is so affectionate. He gives kisses all the time. If you need a kiss, just ask him! He is so smart. At only 4 1/2 months old Noah already knew how to sit, stay and lay down when you ask him. If he sees a treat he will lay down immediately, just to get it faster! He's no dummy! I would highly recommend anyone to get a puppy from Lynda. She is a gifted breeder who breeds gifted puppies. 
Anita Hernandez

Hi Lynda,It's hard to believe that Millie has been home with us for nearly seven
weeks! She is just a wonderful baby and we're so happy that we found
you and were able to find her through you. I've attached pics of Millie
and her big brothers Oliver and Sherman who have become the very best
of friends.
I hope that you and your family are enjoying the holiday season and I
wish you a very happy and prosperous new year (give Ty and the rest of
the gang kisses from us).
Bill Rice (Bill Casey too!)

our baby Mischa
Hi Lynda Just wanted to send you a note on our baby Mischa. She is the love of our life(of course after our 2 sons). She is just unbelievable. Smart as whip. She was totally litter box trained in 3 days. She sleeps in her elegant crate along with blankies, stuffed animals, and sleeps through the night. During the day she drags her stuffed animals and blankies out of her crate so she can play with them. She spends days while I'm at work, with "Daddy" (my husband). I never thought Elliott would become so attached to a dog. We just spend hours playing with her and watching her antics. She is a riot.
You do a terrific job with the breeding and taking care of the puppies. You can tell by her personality what a good first 2 months of life she had with you and your family Please send me an e-mail if they would like information or have questions.

My Puppy Annie
For anyone looking for a poodle puppy, I cannot say enough good things about Lynda's Lil Poo's and Lynda Levine herself. She is so knowledgeable about poodles and will share any of her information with you. When you take one of her babies home she's just a phone call away and will answer any of the concerns and questions you might have after you take your baby home. Her puppies are raised with love and socialization by Lynda and her husband. I now have my Annie over 5 weeks and she has brought so much joy and happiness to me. She is so outgoing to everyone. I had her for her last set of shots this week, and she couldn't stop kissing the vet, he also remarked at what a nice temperament and how affectionate she is. Thank you Lynda for my little girl. Anyone looking to add a new poodle puppy to your family, look no further than Lynda's Lil Poo's, you won't regret it.
Beverly Myers

First of all let me start off by saying that Lynda Levine is the most amazing person that I have ever met. If it wasn’t for her love, affection & devotion to animals my precious Lily Mae would not be here. When Lily was born she wasn’t breathing, so Lynda gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation and stimulated her for about an hour until she started to breath on her own, it was a very very tense time for all. Lynda is one unbelievable lady. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for saving my Lily Mae. Lily is now almost six months old and running, jumping and playing with all her friends like nothing happened. Lily is such a beautiful and playful dog she comes to work with me every day and everyone loves her, she acts like she is one of the staff, she gets lots of play time and loads of hugs and kisses every day. So I want to end this by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, LYNDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to let everyone out there who is yearning for a poodle to get one of Lynda'slilpoos babies. Lynda is such a caring breeder...in fact, she's more than just a breeder of poodles. She's their 'mommy' who loves and nurtures them until the day they go to their new 'mommy' and/or 'daddy'. I feel so fortunate to get my baby Lila from her. Lila is such a precious and loving poodle. She adapted to her new home so quickly, and I feel that's due to the environment the Lynda provided when she was a newborn. Lynda loves her babies, and raises poodles that share that love with their new 'parents'. I adore my Lila and her sister Madeline, a pug, is infatuated with her too. I would definitely recommend Lynda's poodles to anyone who's wanting a loving, playful, happy puppy:) Thank you Lynda for my baby!!

Ratchet and Hadley
We absolutely love our two little puppies, Ratchet and Hadley. They are such a great addition to our home and we love every minute we get to spend with them! They are quickly adjusting to our routine and adapting to our lifestyle. They love to travel and go to the beach. Our families love spending time with them as well, and the puppies can handle being around groups of people- large or small. I am so glad that we brought both Ratchet and Hadley home with us- it is so interesting to watch their relationship as brother and sister develop. Though they fight like any brother and sister, they love each other so much that they prefer to share the same food bowl and bed. It is nice to know that they can keep each other company while we are away.
Lynda knows so much about her poodles- and about toy poodles in general. She was always there to answer our questions (and we had a lot of them), and she assured us that she would always be available, regardless of the time of day, in case something came up. Lynda clearly has a passion for what she does, and it was refreshing to work with someone who truly cares about each of her puppies.
Thank you!
Chris and Ashley

Just an update for you. Nelli is a happy healthy 2.2 lbs and the sweetest little girl on earth! She has over 10 tricks down pat and the most ridiculously funny little growl/bark I ever heard. We enjoy her to pieces n couldn't be happier with our baby. She goes for her 16 week apt next week. She loves other do...gs, so much she wont leave them alone lol, and everyone who meets her falls madly in love. We hope to one day get her a play mate:) Hope your doing well, and keep posting puppy pictures! We love them! ttys,

"I cannot say enough great things about Lynda and my puppy Dexter! While it probably sounds cliche, he has truly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having grown up without a dog and ALWAYS wanting one, I could not have asked for a better breeder to work with or a cuter, more friendly, loveable and personable dog! He surpassed all of my expectations and I have only had him for 3 months. Lynda was extremely patient with me and always kept me up to date on Dexter's progress before I took him home. She always made herself available to answer my questions and still continues to check in with me on how we're doing. I cannot say thank you enough for such a wonderful addition to my life! I definitely recommend Lynda if you're looking for a supportive and friendly breeder who truly cares for and loves her dogs!"

Our girls
After visiting Lynda's home to choose our pup we left purchasing not one, but two little baby girls ! I have to tell you that they are absolute dolls ! They brought such joy to our family ! They are 2 sisters and it was love at first sight. Lynda has been a wonderful support to us and has always been available to us when we need advice on raising our little girls . It's comforting to know that Lynda, "the poodle expert" is always there for our girl's, Mini & Maxi, have wonderful temperaments and were a snap to train. They have now grown into 2 show stoppers ! They are absolutely gorgeous , as all of the dogs Lynda breeds are ! We are so happy and grateful that we chose Lynda, she is the best !
Stephen& Marie Raiola

Bruno is the most perfect little puppy we have ever met. We got him in September of 2009 and he has truly changed our life. We couldn’t picture our days without him. He is so obedient and as sweet as can be, cuddling with and winning over everyone he meets. He is the perfect dog for anyone living in a condo or in the city as he was easily trained on both the puppy pad and outdoors. Bruno gets plenty of exercise just by running laps around our condo!
Lynda did a great job with Bruno. From the beginning she mothered him as if he were her own and provided us with constant updates on his progress. And, of course, we were always welcome to visit Bruno at Lynda’s home whenever we could – this made it much easier when it came time for us to bring Bruno to our home since he was already familiar with us.
We cannot thank Lynda enough for bringing Bruno into our lives. He is well-rounded, social and gets along great with other dogs, all traits that we have Lynda to thank for.
We’d recommend Lynda to anyone looking to buy a little baby.
Gina and Erik

Minnie has been with us for almost 3 months now and I wonder how I lived without her all these years! She is absolutely wonderful in her temperament, and is a very affectionate pup. She is also very smart and learns things very quickly. Everyone comments on how smart she is at her puppy kindergarten class! She is happy, playful and wants to be with me all the
My husband, who is not a dog person, absolutely loves Minnie.
I must commend Lynda for raising such excellent quality dogs! I had a lot of concerns before I got Minnie but Lynda was very helpful in answering all my questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Lynda at all.
Geeta Arakali and family

Lynda (Angie)
I cannot begin to describe the love affair we are having with Angie.She is the cutest, sweetest, smartest and best dog in the whole world.She is now 4 1/2 months old and already does the stairs up and down.She is an unbelievable athlete and even at 3 lbs she can almost jump onto the couch.Our lives are far better because of her.Where ever we take her she stops traffic.When I have her out alone she is a chick magnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You truly breed miracles.
I can only say thank you.
Barry and Family 

We got Mickey in May 2009 and it was easily one of the best decisions we have ever made. He is a cool little guy and he makes our days great. He loves people, other dogs, and most importantly us. I just wanted to thank you Lynda for helping us and we will highly recommend you if anyone if looking to get a little poo.
Love Pete and Jeannie

When you called us and told us that Berkeley's "mom" could not keep him and asked us if we wanted to take him there was not a moment of hesitation. Having Chip has been easy and we instinctively knew that having Berkeley would be twice as easy.
When we brought Berkeley home we anticipated that he would need an adjustment period. We were plesantly surprised to find that he immediately began to bond with Chip. Additionally, he has managed to win the acceptance of our cats, particularly our very large and rather ill tempered male Mason. This is no small matter!
"The boys" are always amusing, always entertaining. Their personalities are quite distinct (Chip is fearless in his interactions with the world while Berkeley is more thoughtful and calculating) but their good dispositions are the same. Berkeley is every bit as loving and intellegent and well socialized as Chip.
I commend you, Lynda, for honoring your commitment to assist your clients who find that they cannot keep a puppy.
Thank you for letting Berkeley's new home be our home.
Marilyn and Ceil

Our boy Chip
What can we say?...
A few months ago, we lost our poodle of 17 years. It took some time to mourn before we were ready to welcome another "baby" into our lives. When we were ready, we conducted an extensive search to find just the right one. We came upon your website. It all sounded good so we decided to take a look for ourselves. What a wonderful experience!
Our boy Chip has only been here a week and already we are amazed by his antics as well as his intelligence. As a nurse, I know the positive impact animals can have on someone's physical and emotional well being. This is well documented in the literature. However, it is amazing to witness this firsthand. My cousin, for whom Chip was purchased, has some chronic limitations. He has not only made her (and me) smile on a daily basis, he has been a significant factor in improving her physical coordination.
Chip is a handsome, intelligent and well socialized little guy. We believe that this is the result of being raised in your loving home environment rather than institutionalized in a kennel.
What can we say? We can't say enough! Any one of your dogs would make a great pet but we just happen to have gotten the best one:) We simply adore him!
Marilyn and Ceil

Reilly and Tobey
An inseparable sister and brother team! They entertain each other and us with their crazy antics. When I have to leave them alone, the guilt I feel is made more bearable because I know they'll have each other. And to think I was only going to get one! Lynda, I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate all the love and tender care you give your poodles. It's obvious that raising puppies is not a job to you but rather a labor of love.
You lay the groundwork for their socialization skills by teaching them manners and proper household etiquette. It shows in their health and personalities.
You respect them as puppies not profits. You're one of those "good people" of which there should be a lot more.
Be well,
Lenore Devine lenore.

Oscar is doing really well!!! I can't believe it's been almost 9 months since I've had him. I always forget because he fit in so well from the beginning. It surprises me that he's my first dog because the transition was almost seamless.
He's been going to work with me a lot (everyone at work loves him: the customers, my co-workers and my bosses!) People are amazed at how well behaved and sociable he is - it surprises me too sometimes, haha. I always try and promote you to random strangers that approach me on the street/at work because you really did such a great job with Oscar!! It's funny how every time I walk him, there's always someone that makes a comment on how cute he is.
I still check your website every now and then. I'm dreaming of getting a second dog, but we'll see what happens! haha, i really want one though!!! Now I know why you love poodles so much - Keep doing whatever you're doing with those dogs!!

I hope you and your family are doing well!!!

As an experienced Poodle family we are so lucky we found Lynda. We had certain expectations of what we wanted from a breeder and Lynda exceeded them all.When you visit Lynda, you a very welcomed guest in her home, you are not at a kennel.You take off your shoes, sit on the floor and have the puppies climb all over you, its like you went to puppy heaven!!!! Lynda breeds her family pets and produces the most delicious Poodles on earth. Once we chose our dog, we visited Lynda and her family 3 times and we were always welcomed with a smile, When it was time to bring Angie home Lynda had packed a few items to help Angie's transition into our home.When you get a Poodle from Lynda you get a confident and extremely well adjusted dog. All of her dogs are extremely people friendly.Lynda sends you home with instructions and calls to see if you have any questions.Angie has filled our house with love and kisses. Whenever we take her out people stop us and are amazed how beautiful she is. Our vet used the word perfect.We cannot find one unpleasant thing about our experience. We highly recommend Lynda, her Poodles are far superior to any we have come across, and you couldn't find a more caring nicer breeder anywhere.Feel free to contact us if you have questions
The Geltzeilers West Orange, NJ 

My Husband and I purchased Rusty from Lynda in May of this year. He is a wonderful little guy! He has made friends everywhere we have gone as he is our constant companion. He made his first plane trip to Chicago in June and our daughter-in-law wanted us to leave him with them. Really! Rusty is extremely smart and learns new things very quickly. His disposition is beyond wonderful, he loves to play and at times he thinks that he is super dog. I don't have a camera that can snap his antics quickly enough. Lynda breeds wonderful puppies and for that I say, Thank you very much." I have had people stop me to ask what kind of dog he is and comment on his cute little face. Rusty has definitely taken hold of our hearts. We looked for a puppy for a few months and the cleanliness and love at Lynda's house really made our decision much easier. You just can't go wrong with purchasing a puppy from Lynda.

 I purchased a poodle from Lyndaslilpoos in may of 09. He is very happy, well adjusted little dog, who loves everyone. He is also very smart! I would recommend purchasing a dog from Lyndaslilpoos. She's very knowledgeable about poodles, and raises healthy, happy dogs.

Hello Lynda,
Thank you for choosing such a wonderful and spoiled family for me. I am LOVING it here. I have three older sisters that love playing with me. It took my mommies only three days to housebreak me and I am doing wonderful.
My mommy and family Thank you so much for all your wonderful love in bringing me into this world.
Gizmo and Family

To my Dear Ms. Lynda (who made my earliest days so very good), my birth Mom, Lucy, and my Dad, JD...I am doing well and am happy with my adoptive parents, and I know they are just crazy in love with me. I even have God parents -- their daughter, Amy and her husband, Colin in California. We have a good schedule here in NJ and I go for rides and play in a fenced-in yard. They are always getting me good chewies and toys. My manners are getting better as I am enrolled in puppy kindergarten, and yes, my instructor loves me. My Mom and Dad recommend you and think you are the best breeder ever. You started my little life with patience and love and I will always remember you in my heart. Love and wet kisses, Molly Roush.
Sincerely:Lee & Ron Roush

I had been wanting a poodle for years, having had one when I was a young girl, so I'd been checking out various breeders when I decided I wanted a toy. I'd always adopted from shelters and currently have a hound mix and a cat who are cherished but wanted to add to our family again. I finally found Lynda who is not all that far from us and fell in love with Zoe's brother initially. When we got to Lynda's house though, it was Zoe who crawled on my lap and gave me kisses to melt my heart. She had picked us and the decision was made. We visited with Lynda and her extended family for awhile and thus began the long wait until we could bring her home. (it was actually only a little more than a week later that my husband - with Lynda's help - surprised me by picking Zoe up early).
 She's been home with us almost a week now and has completely taken over our house. Molly (our older dog) and Rocky (our cat) are adjusting well to their new "little sister" and she has my husband wrapped around her little paw. I couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt this lovable furball. She is a bundle of energy and hysterical to watch her almost bounce across the room. I had remembered correctly just how smart poodles are.
The only difficult part now will be in containing my impulse to add another poodle to our family! Thank you to Lynda and her family for our beautiful little girl!

I went to a couple of website looking for a red poodle I came upon Lyndaslilpoos.com I express that I was looking for RED TOY POODLE. Lynda called me back immediately asked me a few question regarding my interest in the poodle. I was allowed to visit the poodle before purchasing and also view the mother and father I asked about a 100 question and Lynda was happy to answer. I picked up Zoe about nine and a half weeks and was told by Lynda that I can call anything time of day or night ,the time didn't matter..Lynda called that same night to make sure everything was ok and a follow up about a week later I thought that was GREAT. she also GAVE ME SOME POINTERS AND THEY ACTUALLY WORK
Thanks LYNDA
Sincerely: Marge

Shayna Stone
We have experienced true joy for the last four weeks with our new pup. She is healthy and fit right in to the family. She continues to be wee wee pad trained which is fantastic in the cold winter! Lynda has helped us with advice and suggestions throughout the past month. She continues to keep in touch on a regular basis. Our vet and the staff said that Shayna is the cutest puppy they have ever seen. Of curse, we agree! Shayna loves her toys and has not chewed on anything other than her toys! She is a little imp and she keeps us smiling all day. Thanks again Lynda for all your support and friendship. We wish we had met you seven years ago when we got our first dog!
Please contact us if you want more details. We would be happy to talk about our experience via email or phone 215-355-0391.
Sincerely, Evan and Lisa Stone

Sweet Bella Rose
I purchased a beautiful Red Toy Poodle Puppy from Lynda Levine on January 21, 2009. I spent alot of time looking for a puppy like this one and did my homework before purchasing this dog. You see I live in Palm Desert California and she is located in PA near NY so I was unable to visit before buying the dog. I talked to her Vet who highly recommend Lynda and said here dogs were always well kept and come in for regular dental appts too. I also e-mailed other customers of hers and everything seemed fine. So I booked a flight to get the dog. (I could have had her shipped but decided to pick her up myself being it was winter and the size and age of the dog.)Well every thing went very well and you can put away any of your worries you may have about buy a dog on line from this breeder. She lives in a nice, very well kept house in the country. The dogs all live in the house with her and they are all groomed up and just a nice well behaved bunch. I got to hold the puppy's Father and Mother and then she took me to the Nursery where the little puppy's are. My little Bella Rose looked just like the picture on the Internet and was just what I was expecting. I was totally satisfied with this puppy. Well we have been home a week now and she is just as perfect as can be. She went to her first Vet's appt. today for a puppy check-up and shots. The Vet said she was very healthy no problems.
I must tell you that my dog is happy, calm, friendly and loves to play. Also she is doing really well with potty training. She has learned to sit and stay already.
Pretty smart I would say.
So what you see is what you get from this breeder.
Chrystal Deal

 My Love Bug Bailey
Bailey is my very first Dog and it has been the most wonderful experience! From the very beginning I felt so comfortable purchasing my puppy from Lynda.
Lynda and her family have a very loving environment. I could see how well the puppies were cared for in her home.I've had Bailey for almost 2 months now. He is so playful and so loving.When I take him for walks, people will stop in their cars to ask me about him. He looks like a little teddy bear. He is so friendly with People and other dogs and he has such a personality. He makes me laugh all of the time.
I can't imagine my home without him anymore!
Love: Nichole Drummond

Hi Lynda
I love that little one so much and thank God for her every day. Of course she is so spoiled, but I am sure you would know that. She is about 7 lbs. a mush, a lovable dog. Not a mean bone in her body. Time has gone by so fast. It will just be a year ago I first called to inquire about your puppies. Her favorite spot it to sit on the back of the couch with her butt, and her paws on my shoulder. She rules the
Anyway I haven't looked on your website for fear.......I will beg Larry for another. Bailee needs a playmate. Perhaps after Christmas.
Please know I always think of you and Bailee still sleeps with the same receiving
blanket you sent home with her.
Donna, Larry and Bailee Butler

Cody and Brady
My family just today picked up our second puppy from Lynda and we instantly fell in love with him just like we did with our first one. Lynda raises all of her puppies with tender loving care. I have never met a more loving litter of puppies and parents. As a matter of fact, I'm not allowed to let my mother go back there anymore because she wants to buy every puppy she sees! Lynda and her husband are real dog lovers which made me and my family even more comfortable purchasing our little puppies from them. Right when you pull up, Lynda and her family of precious poodles greet you with wagging tales and each one tries to say hello first. Cody and Brady are a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn't love them any more than we do.
Thank you SOOO much for our new babies!
Love always,
The Schechter's

Thanks , Lynda, for the precious little guy we have named Bingo. This is the second poodle we purchased from Lynda and it truly was a pleasant experience.Lynda loves (and worries) about her lil poos and is a great mom to her dogs. She is extremely caring of her dog's.If anyone is thinking about purchasing a lovely little poodle I strongly recommend "Lynda's Lil Poo's",Lynda is very knowledgeable about her dogs and will guide you along with any problems or fears that you might have.
Thanks again, Lynda 
Mary Ruszin

Our new babies
well what can we say we got two puppies from Lynda ( Oliver & Tucker) and they are the best. Lynda and her entire family are just so wonderful. They always welcomed us into their home, and made us feel like family. Our puppies are just so sweet, and absolutely adorable. From the moment we meet Lynda we knew that she was the one we wanted to get our puppies from. She is a true dog lover, she cares about them from day 1 and there entire life. We kept in contact during the entire period, Lynda always sent pictures and still calls to check up on the puppies and to just say hello. We would recommend Lynda to anyone who is looking for a sweet, healthy and loving puppy. We not only got two amazing additions to our family, we made new friends with the Levine family. Lynda we can't thank you enough for all you have done, and we truly mean that. You are a very special lady.
Love The Hellinger Family 

Thank you Lynda for our beautiful Mindy Lynda and her family live for there fur kids. All there sires, dames and puppies are kept in the comfort of their home. We were lucky enough to get Mindy when we did. We brought are little Mindy home 10 days ago and she is the best puppy. She is just about housebroken already and loves to play. She was spoiled before she left Lynda's and even more spoiled now. The time and care Lynda provides for all her puppies is amazing. All puppies go home with a care package from Lynda. She also takes the time to explain all their needs to you and follows up with a phone call or two to see how your new puppy is doing. I took my Mindy to my vet and my vet fell in love with her and didn't want to give her back. She also received a clean bill of health. My vet might even purchase a puppy from Lynda. If anyone is looking for a puppy, I highly recommend Lynda. You can not go wrong with one of her puppies.
I am recommending Lynda to anyone who is looking for a poodle pup. She is the best.
Thank you Lynda for our beautiful Mindy and the love and care you gave to her before we brought her home. 
Pam and George

Little Bailee
Lynda and family, where do we begin??
Although this was the longest wait to get our little Bailee, it was worth every month, day, hour, minute and second. She has brought more joy to us in this past week, then we've had in a long time. Words aren't enough to express the appreciation we have for your loving, nurturing care you give to your four legged family members. Thank you for making this experience exciting, comforting, and rewarding. I am happy to call you a friend for life and will always keep Bailee in yours.
Anyone looking for a poodle should look no further.
THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN GET!! We took Bailee home with peace of mind. We new what to expect, and Lynda made sure we were well prepared for Bailee's well being. Her and her family LIVE for these little blessings. Bailee recently visited her vet, and the Dr. herself said she was an excellent puppy, no health problems. She was so impressed she has asked for Lynda's name.
Remember poodle puppy seekers, THIS IS THE BEST. 
Love,Donna, Larry and Bailee

Our New Babies
We are a week away from bringing home our little poochies! We are all so excited! We initially were getting one little girl (Chloe), but after visiting Lynda a second time, we just had to take a little boy (Oreo) too! Lynda and her family have made us feel right at home when visiting. They all take part in raising and caring for all the dogs. Lynda has answered all of my questions for the past 6 months, no matter how silly they are. She is full of knowledge when it comes to her pooches. Her puppies are literally hand raised with lots of love, and are all happy and well socialized. The mommies and daddies are all so wonderful and well behaved. They all greet you with kisses and hugs - it's been such an awesome experience all around. Thank you, Lynda, for what you do. You are to be commended. You have a huge heart!
If you are in the process of finding a breeder, don't think twice about contacting Lynda.
You will not regret it. 
The Rivera Family,

Our lil boy
Elvis is doing just great, pictures I have don't do Elvis justice. he is gorgeous and so smart. he's the love of my life. my sister-in-law told my daughter the other day "I've never seen your mother look happier". Elvis is so well behaved that my father-in-law lets me bring him over. My father-in-law won"t let his sons dog in the house but he allows me to bring Elvis over. Elvis has just finished puppy kindergarten, the next class is beginners class, however because Elvis is so smart and listens wonderfully, he can Skipp that class and go into the intermediate class. Our little boy is growing up. Trust me he is spoiled by all. He is the love of my life. I can not imagine Elvis not being a part of my family. will sent pictures soon. I'll keep in touch, you do the same, and thanks again for Elvis.

Allie our teacup poodle
We are thrilled with our little teacup poodle Allie!!!! She is beautiful and has such a wonderful, fun temperament. We have had her three days now and she is already a special member of our family and feeling right at home with our black lab and two children. Lynda at Lyndaslilpoos has been there every step of the way to help make the transition a success!! Allie came all clean and cute with a big puppy bag full of goodies. It was clear she was excellently taken care of and loved!! Lynda has called to check on Allie and I feel very comfortable calling or emailing her with any questions. I highly recommend Lynda to anyone. She breeds beautiful dogs and is a nice, caring person that is easy to talk to! Thank you so much Lynda....we love Allie!!!!! Sincerely, Sonya Pace....Buffalo, NY 

Love this little girl!
Top notch breeder,caring,concerned,available for any questions.Puppy is adorable,loving,healthy,and so intelligent!We just love this little girl and had a great experience. 

Our new family member
Hi Lynda, I just wanted to thank you again for our lovable and healthy little Alex. He's very playful and very affectionate.The grandchildren love him and he loves their attention.He's very smart , easy to housebreak and crate train. Your help with everything you did,his health records, type of food he's used to and the information you gave us on house breaking and training was great.We see how much you love your dogs and you were super to do business with!! If anyone is in the market for a lovable and healthy toy poodle Lynda is the girl to see, very reputable,clean and nice. We highly recommend her. 

Best poodle pups anywhere!!
Lynda takes such great care with her puppies, they are all happy and healthy. They are all so cute I wanted to buy the whole litter! All parents are on site, they all have great temperaments. We visited several times and stayed to play with all the dogs & puppies. The dogs & puppies are all part of her family and get treated that way. Lynda was wonderful to work with, I would recommend her to anyone!! 

Our little Alexander
Lynda is excellent to deal with , very friendly and you can see how much she loves her dogs. She's very knowledgeable about her dogs and keeps them in a clean environment. She answered all the questions we ask of her. Good luck with your dog's in the future and thanks again, Lynda 

Proud New Mommy
Finding a breeder with the specific dog I was looking for was a lengthy process. However, I don¡¦t regret all the time spent because I could not have asked for a better breeder or a cuter dog. I bought a red toy poodle from Lynda. Lynda is honest, responsible, and accommodating throughout the entire process. She stays on top of things explaining all the details to me thoroughly and replying my emails promptly. Lynda and her family take every step to ensure the health and wellbeing of all of their poodles. Their puppies start their lives in a positive environment where they¡¦re very much loved and cared for. Oneo is adjusting extremely well in his new home. He is healthy, smart, well socialized, and he has a good temperament. I highly recommend anyone who wants to buy a poodle to go to Lynda.

Very excited soon to be owner
I am beyond thrilled after leaving Lynda's house yesterday. I have had dogs my entire life and dealing with this lovely family was a complete pleasure. I can't take my little man for another month, because he is only about a month old, but there is no dough in my mind that he will have nothing but love until he comes home. all of Lynda's dogs are absolutely beautiful and well socialized. I know that she will be part of our family for a long time. 

I purchased Lilly from Lynda in Dec.05 She is a blessing to have, She waits for me to come home from work and pulls my socks off and waits for me to give her a treat. She plays all the time and is no trouble to care for. She was paper trained when I got her and was outside trained within two weeks.She was and still is in excellent health. Her Mommy and Daddy are beautiful dogs. I would recommend this breeder highly to anyone who loves dogs. PS. SHE IS THE CUTEST DOG ON LONG ISLAND!

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