Hello everyone! We are the Dams here at Lyndaslilpoos We are all very happy to meet all who come and visit us. Please allow us to introduce ourselves.
Hi My name is Misty I am just 9" tall and 5 lbs I am a little shy but once I get to know you I will give you lots of kiss

Hi My name is Gypsy I am just 9" tall and 6 lbs I am a little shy but once I get to know you I will give you lots of kiss

Hi My name is Ruby Tuesday I am just 8" tall and 4.5 lbs My mom thinks I am beautiful. 
Hello everyone I'm Rehmi I am very out going and full of lots of kiss. I get into a lot of mischief which gets me in trouble but my mommy loves me just the same I am 9" tall and 5.4lbs

Hope to meet you soon. 
Hello My name is Dixie I am a beautiful red I love to cuddle in my Mommy's arms and give lots of kiss. I am 10" tall and 6 lbs.

Thank you 
Hello every my name is Pixie I am 9" tall and 6 lbs I love to run and play with my toys
Hello! My Name is Rosie Lyndaslilpoos as not been the same since I passed away in 2015. My mommy misses me terribly 

We are expecting puppies on the following dates please don't wait till they are ready to go home the puppy of your dreams might be gone.
 All deposits are nonrefundable Puppies will be resold if not picked within a week after they are ready 

I'm in the process of  genetically testing our Poodles by Paw Prints. To assure you that you are getting genetically sound puppy from us. It will probably take some time to get all of the poodles tested, but by fall time we should have all of our adults tested.

H 610-346-7054 C 610-216-0167

Candi and Toby have been bred if breeding in successful pups should arrive in or about April 18
Puppies will be arriving on or about March 5