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I would like to thank you for visiting us here at Lyndaslilpoos. We are located in Riegelsville, PA which is only 15 min off of Rt 78.Our Toy Poodles are loved and nurtured from a young age giving them the time to create their own lovable personality. By acclimating our Toy Poodles with humans and other Toy Poodles, they learn to play and respect their new home and their families. When a Toy Poodles respects their owner they are easier to train and are less destructive. Our Toy Poodles are more accepting to new homes and the visiting of friend's and family. This acceptance gives our Toy Poodles the ability to understand the difference between a threat and a friend. When Toy Poodles are happy and well socialized you can spend more time enjoying their company instead of trying to break bad habits. All of our Toy Poodles are non shedding and hypoallergenic. We offer many colors of Toy Poodles.These colors are cream,apricot, red,black,Silver chocolate & Parti. 

We have Maltipoos available 

All our Toy Poodles are healthy and hand raised. Each Toy Poodle comes with a booklet on how to care for your new puppy and a copy of the PA puppy Lemon Law. We offer Toy, Tiny Toy, and Teacup sizes. Deposits are nonrefundable. Through intensive relationships with our Toy Poodles we have created many satisfied customers all over. Our poodles have become wonderful friends to many families even if they have never had a Toy Poodle before. When you buy a Toy Poodle from us you also get the piece of mind and loyalty of a loving Toy Poodle who can be successfully trained.Our Toy Poodles come prespoiled with a one-year genetic health guarantee. Visitors are always welcome. To learn about our happy customers read our testimonial page and email some of them. Our Toy Poodles are like our children whom go from one loving home to another. 

All of our parents are AKC Registered. Most of our Puppies are sold on limited registration or pet only. That doesn't that mean you can't get Full AKC? It means you need to speak to us. Full AKC is only given upon our approval. Please be aware  All deposits are nonrefundable .Thank you I hope you enjoy our website and I hope to hear from you

Thank you for your interest at  Lyndaslilpoos!!!

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We do not at anytime allow outside dogs to enter our home or our premises. We do apologies for this inconvenience but we MUST protect our puppies and adults from outside problems.  
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